March 2016

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Did you know…..most agents list homes at a price where the property will NOT SELL?! In fact over 70% of homes listed today are listed overpriced, meaning that they require one or more price reductions before they sell. For some reason, most agents don’t want to admit that little-known secret…that agents typically price homes where they will not sell. You may be saying, “OK…so they priced it too high initially…no big deal…I can always come down.”

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But here is the shocking truth….. Overpriced listings end up selling for less because they sit on the market too long and become stagnant. After weeks and weeks on the market the “WWWTH Syndrome” kicks in….”What’s Wrong With That House.”

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How flattering is it to receive a generous estimation of the value of something you own? That jacket must’ve cost you $700! How did he ever pay for such an expensive engagement ring? Those kinds of compliments make most people beam with pride. A classic car, lovingly restored, antique heirlooms, and even sports memorabilia fetch top dollar at auctions every day. Surely a home is no different. The BOLD Truth About OVER PRICING YOUR HOME

When Dan and Julie* decided to put their home on the market, they were dazzled by the $339,000 price tag a realtor suggested to them. Finally, a professional that recognized the value of Dan’s meticulous landscaping, Julie’s fabulous decorating touches, the countless weekend DIY projects, and superb housekeeping. None of

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