For Sale By Owner 30 Day Marketing PLAN

Posted by David Pannell on Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 12:33pm.

This blog post is for FSBO's, or those that have listed on MLS and their home still had no results. MLS alone is not the key to selling a home. EVERY property price can be influenced by its presentation, method of sale, marketing, and skill of the agent.

Hi, I'm David Pannell and I am the broker for Cities, Real Estate. I have been selling real estate for a number of years and have a RESULTS DRIVEN plan to sell homes at TOP DOLLAR that I am giving to you to follow. I understand your probably NOT READY to speak with a Realtor. Thats okay!

So I am making this quick video to give you my marketing plan. It is below in this BLOG post on my website. Selling real estate at TOP DOLLAR is not easy and it takes Maximum Exposure to as many buyers as possible at the same time. AS a homeowner you may be limited. Less 4% sell for their home at their desired price and time frame. A yard sign and the MLS is just not good enough.  Go watch our Cities Real Estate Video's here.


OPEN houses do work, and their the best thing you can do as a For Sale By Owner. Security is a major issue and quailfied buyers are a close second. A lot of times homeowners get excited about buyers coming by and forget about per-qualfing a buyer or the risks involved with a stranger just poping by to see your home and valuables.

When you need a STRONG agent, give us a call and I’ll show how I can get more money for your house and faster time period. We don't cost what you think.

Immediately after you list:

  • First, focus on market domination for your area. Be the authority & resource of the content. Content being the HOUSE! Don’t let zillow, trulia,, redfin be the resource. WORK and sell your home.

  • Figure out who your target audience is. Market directly to these buyers and develop a plan that attracts these buyers. Who lives in the neighborhood already, why would someone live in your home, and last what level of income does someone need to buy your property. These are questions that will allow you to target your buyer and where to advertise.

  • Create a Facebook PLACES for the address. This is so you can check in while your doing any thing in the neighborhood.  Tap Check In at the top of your Facebook news feed, Start typing the name of the location you'd like to add, If there are no existing locations with similar names, tap Add New Location, Drag the map to adjust the location and select a category, Tap Add. This is a great tool when you do an open house. 

  • Go create an account on Hoot-suite and post to all the main social media sites your new listing ADDRESS.  Goggle Plus, Facebook, Twitter, social networks about the address your working on a listing. List the ADDRESS first in your post. Lets take back the authority and dominate the local market. 

  • Prepare home for Staging, Professional Pictures, Write up, - Video if client has elected. Get this stuff ordered quickly and before you list the home on the MLS. Keep the authority. Don’t be lazy.  

  • Get sign built for the listing that is clean, simple. American Signs Works (

  • Order Photos from Professional Photographer.( Request 3 Front shots, 1 shot with Realtor in picture, and 5 neighborhood pictures, community events and schools in community.  Sell the lifestyle not the home. Once you receive your pictures, drop them into your ( flyer, door hanger and get them on the way ( You will need them for your OPEN houses events. 

  • Order Write-ups – city, subdivision, house, area write-ups. Tanner Harp ( is a excellent writer and always finds unique things to highlight I never think of.  I use his write ups for my blog post, my video script, and MLS description cut down of course. 

  • Make a list of all rental homes in neighborhood. Advertise to that list by door knocking, door hangers, mail a yellow letter.

  • Build an Excel Sheet list of Realtors that LISTED & SOLD a home in the last 6 months within 5-mile radius. Find your TOP agents that move property and develop a relationship with them. Use Reserve Prospecting in MLS to achieve this. 

  • Write a script for the house. Use the write up you paid for. and turn it into a conversation or questions.  Please don't use an online service for content. Hire someone that will review the pictures, go to the house and neighborhood for their research. The Realtor should not do pictures, write-ups  because its not want we do. We sell homes and get others to help us. Your time is valuable. (
 Go watch our Cities Real Estate Video's here.

  • Create a domain purchase for ADDRESS, use pictures, video and link to subdivision on main website and/or your agent blog site. Build back links for agent/company same time. Find a small business sponsor and include them on your marketing. Help other get what they want and they will help you get what you want. 

  • Create the MLS Posting NOW! and upload 25 professional pictures, disclosures and details  (48 hours after you add the new listing to your main website, blog, active rain and social media accounts). Don't give up your authority away be the resource. 75% of searches are by address.  

  • After you create a MLS listing. Go to MLS and copy and paste all the Realtors in Reverse prospecting. Contact them by phone and work your listings. Go visit them because they’re buyers agent and would love to earn a commission. 

  • Schedule VIDEO. Have you achieved the views on past videos yet!  Shoot audio interview 9:30 to 10:30 am and then shoot video of house 11:00am to 2:00pm Tuesday’s & Thursday’s. Audio should be shot first. Do not try and do photos, open houses or any other activity. Videos should be entertaining, informative and show you the Realtor in the home. Videos are platform that helps sells current listings and helps build an audience to sell your listing. 
Go watch our Cities Real Estate Video's here.

  • Allow others to help you in the your office, because they soon will help you. When you have VIDEO and PHOTOS’s complete, post Media - Pictures on Google Plus, Facebook Albums - try and get other agents on your team to do this too, Fan Pages, Photo bucket, Flicker, Instagram, Pinterest and post them with links to main site & keywords to your main area of focus. NOT to the actual MLS page on the website IDX. Think long shelf life and don't post them directly to the listing page itself.  I’d recommend posting to a blog on your main site to capture contacts and plus the blog will be there forever and you can update the blog continuously. While your there go visit a recent blog and update one of your past articles. 1-2 lines and add a link to a new video. 

  • Go Visit the top agents on your EXCEL list and give the flyer and introduce yourself. Give them your card, and possible give them a chance for a bonus if they bring a buyer to the home or go preview it first. 

  • Now, pull additional list, and contact the active listing and pending listing within a 3 mile radius and make it known that if these agents sell your listing they will get a bonus.  Send them the VIDEO and ask them to LIKE your FAN page. Remember their still receiving buyer calls from their signs. Leverage their listings to sell yours. 

  • Then E-mail media to all agents who sold, listed, had a expired listing in the area for the last six months.  Add TOP agents to CRM or lead management system and start building a list.

  • Then send e-mail VIDEO link to friends, family, and neighbors, database, audience, open attendee’s. Tuesday or Thursday are good between 10:15-10:40am. Any day you think of it is fine too.  Especially if you have an OPEN Event scheduled. Announce it to your contacts.

  • Get known in your market area zip code. Post to Google Plus, FB, Twitter the address of your new listing. ADDRESS, SUBDIVISION, CITY AND THEN AGENT NAME. That order. 

  • E-mail the first Tuesday at 10:15-10:40am am to your online databank/audience the listing - create a call to action. This list should be buyers, contacts, or OPEN house leads that you have met in the past. This shows activity and your willingness to send them excellent content when you have something of value.

  • * Aaron Shiner and Glenn Twiddle in Australia have some excellent training on how to hold an OPEN event. Arrange a 1st OPEN HOUSE to Neighbors /Brokers/Buyers and anyone that wants free food for a release of contact info. Remember develop contacts and it doesn’t matter if their buying, selling or just plain looking. Everyone knows someone that will eventually buy or sell a home in your area. Day of OPEN get directions, banner, flags out as early as possible. Call and ORDER purple (company color) ballons and flyers from staples if your door hangers have not come in. Then post of Facebook your activity and CHECK IN to the subdivision or house address. You might have to add the address to places on Facebook before you head out. FYI. Every time your in the area just check in tot he subdivision tat your marketing to. 

  • Hand out OPEN house invites to 150-200 homes the day of open event. Using a cute little wedding envelope is best for open ratios. You can buy them at a party store after special occasion at a discount. Do this 2-3 hours before the OPEN.  Be known to your area! Get your flyers on doors and door knock 25 doors in each direction of the home. I use Kevin Wards OPEN House Door Knocking Script. or search Youtube. It works and it increases conversation, houses visit, and just be friendly. These people potential could make you 1,000’s. Smile. Your acting like a FULL time agent should. 

  • Once you have door hangers or flyers or a MLS profile. Go to the neighborhood and blanket the area. Is there a grocery store to place a door hanger on the cars, is there a school, visit the small business and hand them a flyer for the home. Ask them to place it in their business. GET KNOW to area. and get your listings known.  Take the list of renters in homes in neighborhood that rented a home 9 -13 months ago. You can do this by search LEASED homes on the MLS system – send them a yellow letter, business card, OPEN house invite to the open house. Go leave a flyer on their door before you do the open house flyers. It works and sells homes. Bonus - look for FSBO and look up expired homes or homes about to expire. 88 days DOM or 187 DOM LIGHTBULB. 

  • Make additional LIST of people who purchased a home in the last 5-7 years in a 3 mile radius and send them a yellow letter, go door knock them and drop a door hanger and or card. 

  • Take the write up and post it to the BLOG section of company website. LINK to agent page, subdivision, and or video.  Don't link to IDX MLS listing on website, because if you sell it, it will be an error page eventually. 

  • Take the write up and post 1/3 of it to Google Plus, Active rain and link back to blog. POST the picots and VIDEO if you make one or have one. 

  • Add video to one page domain website purchased. You can go a step further and buy a template from or 20 bucks and you have a template for forever. Just remember to update the website every 6-12 weeks for google to keep it as a authority.

  • Take the domain created and post it on GOOGLE plus by ADDRESS, link, and subdivision, city, agent, brokerage.  

  • Create a Pinterest account & Pin Photos/Video to Pinterest - Link to your agent blog, or company site. This creates links to your other real estate stuff. 

  • Add article & video to Google NEWS release. Pay 5-20 bucks on to have others work for you. Create authority through others making posts for you. 

  • Get views on video ( is a good resource) /add description and keyword/tags. Purchase VIEWS up to 500-1,000. Purchase comments, and LIKES. If you get a lot of views quickly your video will be deleted. Then you have to go delete and re post all your video links and that takes time. A lot of wasted time. Don’t do this to to cheat. Try to get actual views from US viewers and LIKES. 

  • Add video to VIDEO- NEW SNIPET website listing page. This is HTML trick and I’ll have to show you. 

  • Add video description to video – Create a conversation with comments, invite feedback. Have someone on FIVERR write the transcript for the video and post in the description. 

  • Add photos to Flick & Video, Photo bucket & Video, Daily motion. Add video to additional video sites you might like. 

  • Create an album for Video, Pictures on Cities Fan Page/ Your Neighborhood Fanpage. Make a picture video try not to use lame music. 

  • Add - Article/Blog/Video to websites, press releases, facebook, and media sites.

  • Publish Article to Press Release Sites. Create links back to blog site. 

  •  Add video and listing to Google Plus account. AGAIN. Dominate the address! There a good chance with 75% searches the buyer will call you and you can double end the deal. 

  •  Craigslist – use Craigslist Flyer Tool Update every 48 hours | its available to you in the backend CMS. Post on Craigslist a lot. Log into account and keep a good record. When you have to get a price reduction all this activity help you fight the fight with a seller that does not see what the market says. Evidence Evidence. 

  •  Backpage – Auto Rotate 26 weeks in real estate for sale section. Dominate the address, subdivision, and city then agent name. 

  •  Share video pictures to Cities website/Brokers/Agents Facebook.

  • Share Video on LinkedIn site for other professionals to share. Remember POST with the ADDRESS first and then maybe the subdivision. 

  •  Add video to subdivision page (Snippet)

  •  Facebook Ads that target like-minded people and local business that might qualify for the house.

  • Create Google Pay Per Click – Advertise your listing BLOG/Video with address and subdivision keywords in your target area. This is a good way to really stand out in your market and get a ton of VIEWS organically on google. They love it and you will love the contact you receive from this activity. 

  • Change the MLS profile picture or the TOP 4 pictures. ROTATE them each week. This shows as update for the listing and buyers will review listing again if it doesn’t look the same. 

  • Add link to video posted on BLOG page of cities to all subdivision pages in the city where the house is. In the content section of the website.

  • After all the media is in place. Send a nice e-mail out to your contact list and all the targeted Realtors in the area. Especially the video.

Week 2

  • Arrange a 2st OPEN HOUSE to meet the Neighbors, Brokers, and Buyers.
  • Hand out OPEN house invites to 150 homes the day of open event. Be known to your area!
  • Advertise on Craigslist OPEN event and listing.
  • Advertise on on - create a auto rotate ad.
  • Hand out addition 150 flyers to the surround homes.
  • Post an article somewhere unique linking back to BLOG site.
  • Update BLOG Posts on Cities, Active Rain…change something..a shows google your updating a page and it keeps it current.
  • Change the MLS profile picture or the TOP 4 pictures. ROTATE them each week.

Continue if not SOLD with weekly assignments:

At this point you need to review all your work, check the seller motivation, and probably meet seller for a market review. Don’t always have to ask for something. Just WORK and keep the seller updated. Go meet them. Do not call them for a price reduction with out doing this complete list and exposing the home to the market.  

Good LUCK. Remember EVERY property price can be influenced by its presentation, method of sale, marketing, and skill of the agent. 

If you are in Fort Worth, buying or selling a home, please give us a call we can talk about it.

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