Why I created Cities Real Estate - Realtor Professionals Wanted

Posted by David Pannell on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 10:41am.

The reason I named my real estate company Cities; is because I want to attract Realtors for each of the cities in Tarrant County and I want them to really focus on a specific area within that city. I want to build LEADERS that are well rounded experts in their selected field and dominate their markets. To be consistent while performing their real estate duties and services. I want our clients to see and know what they will get when they hire Cities Real Estate.

Donald Trump says " Identify your goals. Know precisely what you want to achieve, study the best people in your field, and then plan the best route for success."


To be successful, you have to get listings and close transactions. To do this you have to WORK, be known and be valued as real estate professional. 

If you're a new or an experienced Realtor; if you're working leads from your BROKER that are scattered/random buyer/seller leads over a large area, on FLAT fee schedule or you’re doing less than the average closings per year, working nights, weekends; implement these tips today if you have a website. If you don't have a website or a blog, lets begin talking about you joining our growing TEAM an allowing me to coach you to your highest potiential. Be the best you can be by developing you. Upgrade yourself and everything falls into place!

THERE’s VALUE IN A BROKER THAT WILL COACH YOU. There's value in working for a broker that is also coached by some of the most well know coaches in the real estate coaching industry like Kevin Ward, Glenn Twiddle, Mark Leader to name a few.

Watch this video so you create a business for yourself through Online Search Engine Optimization. What I will show you, will take weeks, months, possibly even years; but you’re building something for you one day at a time. In the end, you will know your TARGET area and will be able to build a true business where you want to sell homes. Focus on duplication, automation & implement each day. I want to be successful like I want to breathe. I'd like to attract Realtors that have the same mind set as I do.

Your online brand is truly the new way to build trust! It's the new hand shake because people want to know what they get when they hire you today.

There's several ways to create business and one proven way to begin building your brand online is through TARGETING an area online SEO & offline with traditional marketing. You can target a specific city or neighborhood through a website, video blogs, written blogs, external online social profiles/press releases. This builds your search rankings for a specific area you want to sell homes in. This is should be a 10 miles radius of where you live & play. You should know your backyard, whats on the market, the top agents in the area and have a network built to sell house at TOP DOLLAR quickly with little hassle. That’s the try value of a listing agent! Be better than the friend or part-time agent. Anything less is malpractice at best and its B.S. Bad Sales.

I believe you should not pay for leads/referrals until you put the work into knowing & learning your product. Your product is what you offer and how you value yourself; when this happens you will NOT discount yourself when it matters the most. Work smarter not harder as my Marine Gunnery Sergeant always told me. STOP being lazy and go get what you want! Be a better you and be a part of a Team & community of hard working realtors.

Be in the 1% club of TOP PRODUCERS and leave all the 99% drafting agents in the dust by crushing your competition. Do this by knowing your area, building a true business, and selling homes faster than the other Realtors. Have a look at my markeitng plan for houses here in The Bluffs at Heritage & Heritage Addition Ft Worth, TX.


I’ll be honest with you, I don’t keep up with the latest SEO trends other than reading a blog or 2 each month. But I know if you add good content, valued information; your audience/future clients will view you as a professional.

If you would like to build a business, and not just take on random leads that don’t value you, lets talk about you working for Cities Real Estate. I love to attract true professionals that want to be LEADERS and be a part of a growing TEAM at Cities Real Estate.

Until we talk; be creative, build YOU, allways update, and be traditional because it has worked for the last 150 years of real estate.

Thanks for Reading.

If you are in Fort Worth, buying or selling a home, please give us a call we can talk about it.

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Glenn Twiddle wrote: I have trained over 10,000 real estate agents, and Dave from Cities has created an environment like very few I have seen. He truly isn't offering a job, but a place where you can earn whatever you are willing to earn, as he has systems in place for you to get stock, as many listings as you want, and systems to get them priced to attract all the buyers you want, and truly become a "Celebrity Real Estate Agent' in your area.

Dave, you're a champ man !!

Posted on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 11:00am.

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