David Pannell
Marine, Nice Guy, Broker Extraordinaire
David Pannell
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We Focusing primarily on Dallas Fort Worth TX, I bring over two decades of experience in real estate investment and sales since 2001. Having obtained my sales license in 2007 and becoming a licensed broker in 2010, my journey has been marked by a proactive approach. We engage in extensive self-marketing, targeting estates, foreclosures, and divorce attorneys across the five surrounding counties.

Currently, I aim to expand my horizons and successfully close over 100 deals this year, a milestone reached only once in 2019. It's time to aim higher. If you have any referrals, kindly send them my way. I'm enthusiastic about ensuring you receive due rewards for your recommendations. Additionally, I'm open to paying commissions on assignments, especially in cash offer situations.

Let's not just transact; let's forge connections, build friendships, and create wealth together.

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