Gotta Check it Out Granbury Texas

Gotta Check It Out Granbury Texas

If you love old buildings, Historic Granbury Square is the place for you. But Historic Granbury Square is more than just a bunch of pretty buildings to look at. There’s the Granbury Opera House (OperA not OprY) and the Granbury Theatre Company. Hood County Courthouse, which won an award for best restoration, offers tours. The restaurants are amazing. Like Ketzler’s Schnitzel Haus & Biergarten. If you know how to say “pretzel” and “bratwurst” you can order in German. Of course, there’s great beer on tap. Don’t forget to grab some Reibekuchen (just ask for potato pancakes.) Historic Granbury Square has 40 unique boutiques. (Rolls off your tongue, right?) If you are bored of big box stores, head over to St. Helen’s for Jellycat dishware and Jack Black Beard Lube (one of many skincare items in their Jack Black collection for men). Granbury Gardens is a bed and breakfast within walking distance to the square. Lush gardens surround a quaint Craftsman style home that was built in 1911.

When you visit Granbury, make sure you checkout the neighborhood of Pecan Plantation. it is a unique community. Crime is low and livability is high. The amenities residents enjoy are outstanding. Okay, it ain’t cheap. But we can guarantee it will be worth the price of admission. Note: Some of the attractions mentioned are closed due to COVID-19. Learn more about Governor Abbott’s plan to reopen Texas.

We’re just going to boast that we’re better than pecans. Which sounds kind of nuts. Oh, c’mon -- we made you smile at least a little bit. Cities Real Estate is well-established in Fort Worth and we know its communities inside and out. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Pecan Plantation or any other Fort Worth neighborhood, give us a call. We offer a level of service well above the others and will help you find the perfect home in a great neighborhood. Contact Cities Real Estate.

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