Repairing Your Home Before You Sell

Here’s what you need to know before making any repairs or upgrades to your home.

Today’s topic is all about making repairs to your home before you sell. Check major components of the house such as the foundation and roof before you make repairs on cosmetic items. You need to ensure you have the money to fix the most crucial things first.

Often when I walk into seller’s homes, I see that they’re making unnecessary repairs. Or, they’re spending money on things they would want in a house but buyers may not need or want. To be honest, I did the same thing. When I first began remodeling properties, I spent $4,000 on custom cabinetry in a home that wasn’t very highly valued. I thought I had good design taste. Of course, that’s not what the buyers of that type of house needed. Make sure you’re making repairs that increase the value of the property.

When you’re looking to hire a contractor, you should be interviewing three or four. When discussing the project, I doubt they’ll tell you it’s unneeded—they’ll simply submit a bid for the job. Ask the contractors you’re looking into what materials they’ll use and how long it will take; that way you can compare prices and work hours.

"Make sure you’re making repairs that increase the value of the property."

Get the advice of a real estate agent or remodeling expert with experience before you do any work. Don’t trust your best friend or sibling’s input about these things unless they’re an expert. The worst advice you can take is trusted, bad advice.

If you have further questions about making repairs or real estate in general, please reach out via phone or email. We would love to help you. Also, if you have questions we can answer in upcoming blog posts, contact us, and we may do just that.

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