Solar Panels - Disadvantages

WORD OF ADVICE from ME one of DFWs Top Producing Realtors... if you are considering leasing/buying Solar Panels for your, and the company is telling you it will add value to your … it is just NOT true!!! ITS A SALES PITCH (a deceptive business practice)… THERE IS NO VALUE ADD in TX!! In many cases adding Solar to your house in Texas can cause multiple negative issues when you go to resell the home, and in some cases make your  basically unsellable. It can also cause issues with insurance and your out of pocket expenses.

This statement has nothing to do with my personal views on whether I’m FOR or AGAINST the idea of Solar Panels, the above statement above is purely based on my experience & knowledge of the Texas Real Estate Industry/market.

So before you make the investment into Solar Panels on your house please message me and let’s talk through the Pros & Cons of your specific situation. Not all situations and/or homes are alike and they should be assessed individually. A blanket statement that Solar will add value to your home is a down right, deceptive business practice!

Let’s chat your investment goals!!

When you think about adding something to a home, make sure your neigbors have it too

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