Corporate Sponsorships With Cities Real Estate:

Work For Yourself But Not By Yourself

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Are you ready to work with a broker who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and is in the trenches every day, like you are? Would you like to be exposed to best practices that will help you succeed in today’s market, instead of the old processes and tactics that no longer work?

If you answered yes, it’s time you met Broker David Pannell and Cities Real Estate. David’s corporate sponsorship program will keep your commissions in your pocket (not your broker’s), provide you with the opportunity to work with a broker who has over 16 years of real estate sales experience, 1,300 closed transactions, 107 remodels completed; and collaborate with someone who treats you with respect and who always acts with integrity.

Benefits of Our Corporate Sponsorship Program

Selecting the right sponsor has a direct impact on the trajectory of your career. It impacts not only your income, but your success and confidence levels. We believe we off the best real estate agent sponsorship program in Texas. Here’s why:

Increased Earning Potential

We believe commissions belong in the pocket of the agent who earned them. We don’t believe in commission splits or monthly fees. We charge a nominal transaction fee for each sale closed.

Marketing Support

We don’t keep our methodology under lock and key. We offer you guidance on everything we do that has actually helped our agency to thrive, not recycled marketing concepts that are obsolete or that we’ve never successfully used ourselves.

We’ll share our best practices with you, including

  • Marketing materials we use
  • Website development tips
  • Content creation
  • Social media tips
  • Utilizing YouTube for maximum results
  • Presentation templates, and more

Coaching & Training

Not only will we sponsor you, David can offer guidance on how to be ultra-successful in today’s technology-driven real estate world. David has successfully coached many agents who were motivated to excel in their real estate career, who wanted to be the best in every aspect of the profession. He will offer you the same opportunity.

An Accessible Broker

With our sponsorship program, you’ll have access to a master real estate broker who is personally interested in how you’re doing and is easy to reach. You’ll get the help you need with questions, transactions, and general guidance when you need it. You can e-mail, text, or call David whenever you need assistance. He’s a great listener and is always eager to help fellow agents.

LLC Assistance

Cities Real Estate can assist you with establishing an LLC, enabling you to establish your own real estate practice without having to meet the requirements for a broke license or paying the extra licensing expenses for an individual broker license. As an LLC, all of your listings are in your name, not Cities Real Estate

Why David Pannell?

David will work with you, not against you. He began his real estate career in 2005 and understands what agents and brokers need to succeed.

David is a former U.S. Marine and police officer with the City of Arlington. You can trust David to shoot straight with you. Call David today at (817) 797-9047and discuss a corporate sponsorship with Cities Real Estate.

Call David Today: (817) 797-9047

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