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Part 1- Coming Soon Marketing Plan TO SELL A HOME

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Part 2 - Coming Soon Marketing Plan TO SELL A HOME

ORIGINS / Story Behind The IDEA

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is David Pannell, and I am a real estate broker specializing in the Dallas Fort Worth area. However, the method I'm about to share with you today can be applied anywhere in the country or even internationally. In this video, I want to discuss how to effectively launch a property onto the market, whether you are selling your house yourself as a "For Sale By Owner" or if you're a realtor looking to enhance your listing strategies and attract more business.

If you, as a real estate agent, market your listing correctly, you should be able to generate four to five new transactions or leads from that one listing. Similarly, if you are a "For Sale By Owner" seller, you can expect to gain around 13% more on your house if you tease the market a bit. That's precisely what I'm going to explain in this video - our "coming soon" process. I will go through a checklist and provide insights into why this method is effective.

When I started my career as a young real estate agent, I had no clue what I was doing. I spent four years working as a buyer's agent, mainly assisting buyers in visiting houses, coordinating transactions, and navigating the chaos that often accompanies real estate deals. However, after five years, I made a decision to become a dedicated listing agent. This choice led me on a journey of learning, including traveling to Australia and hiring coaches, all aimed at bringing real value to the market rather than merely being someone who adds listings to the MLS.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room. If you only want your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), you probably don't need to hire a realtor. Instead, you can opt for a flat fee listing and gradually drop the price until you find a buyer. Unfortunately, that's what most realtors do - they hope and pray for a sale without implementing any marketing strategies. However, if you genuinely want to maximize the marketing for your house or your client's house, whether you are a realtor or a "For Sale By Owner" homeowner, you need to consider a "coming soon" process.

What do I mean by a "coming soon" process? It's a specific time frame, like the Goldilocks principle, in which you launch your house onto the market. You have approximately 21 days to sell a house - that's the sweet spot before your listing gets buried among all the other properties that have been on the market for 30, 60, 120 days, or even longer. To achieve success, you must focus on three key principles: price, presentation, and positioning in the market.

Price is critical. As a realtor, you need to work with your seller to ensure you are on the same page regarding pricing. As a homeowner, you should aim to position your house in the middle range of comparable properties. Don't compare your house solely based on its condition or the fixes it needs. Instead, consider factors such as square footage, the number of bedrooms, and the overall market in your neighborhood or a one-mile radius. Ideally, you should price your house around 46% below the mid-tier level. It might seem counterintuitive, but pricing it slightly lower initially will attract more potential buyers. However, avoid pricing it at the highest end, as houses listed at the top tend to linger on the market.

Our coming soon is the way to make sure we expose your home to everyone. This process was created from a time when it took 9 months to sell a home in 2007-2010. Further developed during the foreclosure crisis of 2010-2013.

It was a struggle to sell a home during these time periods, we had to do more than just upload to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to get a home sold. We still have too. The hope and pray method just doesn’t cut it when charging a commission to do so. We spend ⅓ of the future commission to make all this happen. We know, since 85% of the traffic is online or referral based by other Realtors; we create online posts using the address as the product combined with our unique marketing plan that focuses on market domination with all types of media (professional photos, professional video, 3D walkthroughs, drone photography). All this work is to advertise your house and to earn your referrals as we earn you top dollar for your home.

DOING these steps 7-14 days before going active on the (MLS) ensures we get the exposure you hired us for. Here’s where the idea came from. Cool

Now, let's delve into the process. We start with staging, followed by ordering a comprehensive photo package. Additionally, we write a captivating 300 to 1,000-word essay about the house and post it online. This content, along with the best four photos, will be used for the first 14 days of the coming soon period. We want to create intrigue

When The Circus Came To Town:Surprised

When the traveling circus came to town back in the 1800’s and the Industrial era, they would pitch a 3 HUGE tent near the community church or epicenter of town’s. The tent would be constructed 7 days before the event, the tent had 3 main rooms which stretch 100’s of yards each. The showman & animals would arrive in secret during the night; while the carney’s set everything up, and the promoters would go around town posting flyers, handing out FREE tickets, inviting everyone to the grand show at a specific time and date. This was an event that only happened once a year, and it was an EXCITING deal to attend. Everyone in the town would wait for it. The presentation for the week had to be spot on, every detail looked after to create an experience of a lifetime.

Once the day and time arrived, the town was buzzing with excitement of all the build up from the days prior. At the tents door, a crowd would build as a presenter would attract them closer to the door with magic ticks, signs, a character that would stand out; but nobody was allowed in though! The presenter (doorman) would build up the excitement of entry and WOW them with imagination of what else they would see inside. When a crowd was big enough, there were PUSHERS in the back of the crowd that would ease the crowd closer and closer until they had squeezed out of any space to backup. Then, the doorman would name a price to enter. Usually a quarter back then. The PUSHERS would reach forward with their quarters and it would draw in the crowd more. This would cause more people to pay and enter when allowed in. Now we call these emotional triggers.


This story is not so much about the Circus, but it has everything to do with presenting your home to the market that attracts every qualified buyer to come out during a set time for the OPEN HOUSE.

The Price, Online Presentation and Offline Prospecting​ as to be spot on. *We invite people and prepare for the event long before the actual event to tease the market. When most agents treat open houses like an after thought, we have an action plan for them to sell your home for top dollar.

We believe they work just fine when executed correctly. This is the effect we like to create through our pregame marketing of our properties. This allows us to expose our properties to all the qualified buyers, Realtors with buyers, and tire kickers in the market; even neighbors, kids and dogs. We create the buzz, an overall excitement for our listing that funnell to our open houses. 100’s of people attend our open houses, the actual buyers don’t know who’s who and it causes them to fear that they would lose on the property if they do not take immediate action with presenting an offer. Their BEST and FINAL is generally sent first.

This is what all of our effort does for you! This is some of the value we’re bring to the market place here in Fort Worth.

Smile Download our Coming Soon plan HERE

Smile Download our our Checklist by PDF HERE

Our STEP By STEP Marketing Plan:

  • Make the call to Introduce yourself to ALL sellers. Call back until you reach them all. Add to your contacts whenever you do anything in Real Estate to your CRM. Anybody and everyone can be a potential contact for your database to seek referrals and future business from. Just don’t annoy with wasted content or spam emails.

  • (TIP) Instructor seller’s to not allow anyone in the property that door knocks the door. Our coming soon activity WILL be inviting online that leads to an Open House time, but showing the home to buyers early is not safe or secure. Ask them to call their agent or us.

  • Assign action plan for “Coming Soon Sellers” - this will keep the client updated as we move through marketing the home. Focus on client experience by keeping them informed with the office marketing activity.

  • Update Sellers to PENDING in Sierra CRM - attach TC as assigned as collaborators in Sierra.

  • Complete and UPLOAD the listing Docs, Signed Seller Disclosures, Legal Survey with blue stamp and lot description, Net Sheet Signed, ect. to DotLoop Complaint Complete to List.

    Collect applicable documents to share on MLS for Buyers agents ie.. Survey, Seller Disclosure, Floor Plan, Measurements, Pool Info, Sewer, Mineral Rights, Utilities Bills, HVAC Receipts from sellers, and get everything signed.

  • Request selling features & benefits statement from homeowners. LINK

  • Prepare home for staging, following the 90 things report left the in the purple folder. Less is more. The secret - the rooms need meaning, and leave room for imagination. That’s it.

  • Schedule a Brokerage YARD Sign to be installed, with a Coming Soon bandit sign beside it. Always request a picture for accuracy and social media posts social Proof! The Yard sign should inline with the Front Door Yard, 3 feet from the street or sidewalk, yard sign stake should be installed at 15 degree angle. Instructions for Sign Placement HERE

  • Finalize Staging/ Review 90 Things You Can’t Afford To Neglect When Selling Your Home.

  • Order Media Package & Schedule - HD Pictures, REAL Twilight Pictures, Walk Through Video, Drone, Zillow 3D Walk Through and Floor Plan. Order Photos from a Professional Photographer.

  • (TIP) Request 3 Front shots so you can change each week, 1 shot with Realtor in picture or the yard sign, and 5 neighborhood pictures, community events and schools in the community. Sell the lifestyle not the home.

  • Once the Media Package is received; create a photo album in Facebook Business page, Twitter, Instagram.

  • Request 1,000 word description Article / Blog of the house, subdivision, city and use selling features from Seller. Focus on benefits over features. Send a link to the writer so they can review the photos, or video received.

  • Only after the media (Photos/Video) has been received add necessary data to MLS for coming soon to publish with best 4-5 photos from the media package.

  • (TIP) ADD all seller supporting documents to “Manage Documents - Transaction Desk by sellers for features. - Offer Instructions, HVAC, Foundation Make sure to add survey, SD, sewer, T-47..any related addendum are in DotLoop.

  • (TIP) Minimum 14-10 days coming soon for mass exposure to buyer agents.

  • Seek sellers approval of all published links or MLS profiles sheets. ALL details matter to eliminate problems witht he listing, and or Buyers Agents calling in toi confirm info.

  • Immediately after going active, schedule the OPEN HOUSE in MLS for Saturday 1-2:30pm or (Must be active on a (Monday by Noon) Thursday from 5:30pm to Sundown. The rule is 72 hours before the Open House. Adjusting for different days of the week of the open house is different.

  • Photos should be uploaded to social business pages.“Example: **HOME Coming Soon** Stay Connected for the details. Contact (Agent) TAG for more info.”

  • Once the article is received, add an MLS description to “Remarks Sections” Public display. Revisit any social media posts and update them as well.

  • USE Canva - make a slideshow with animation logos of the top 5 pictures. Create an album for Video, Pictures on Cities Fan Page/ Your Neighborhood Fanpage. This can also be used in Facebook Market Place. Download as MP4 Video and store in the MEDIA folder for the house.

  • Add home to Facebook Market Place, Groups, City Pages, Subdivisions, Golf Courses Pages, Trade Sites etc. Add to TOP of description

  • (TIP) “Yes, it's still available. We intend to go ACTIVE for sale (DATE), Open house (DATE). No showing before it is active. Ask your Realtor for details or call us. Must be willing to work with one of our Agents and attain a qualification letter - Or send bank statements with CASH evidence to view.”

  • Create a VIDEO with pictures or use the raw footage from the photographer uploaded to YouTube using the address / city as keywords. Link to all social media where applicable.

  • Share video on LinkedIn site for other professionals. Remember POST with the ADDRESS first, then maybe the subdivision and city.

  • Create Carousel on LinkedIn, follow these steps: How To Make a Carousel or Search How To Make LinkedIn Carousel Posts: Fix THESE 2 mistakes if it's not working | Canva Tutorial 2023.

  • (TIP) **Make sure you have the link to a search page near the property. People want a direct link to this home or homes around the area. This will allow the CRM to auto set searches for the register.. So when you go active it will send them home as a reminder.**

  • Add video to Sierra CRM Content section so you can publish on the BLOG PAGE, subdivision page and additional pages near the home.

  • Use video is created, go to the subdivision page on Cities Real Estate and add the video content to the page. Once the BLOG is created, you can link the 2 pages together for google to follow.

  • If there is no subdivision page build one or update the city page, subdivision page for new listing. Remember to rank it by ADDRESS, SUBDIVISION, CITY, AGENT, Brokerage. Write every online POST this way.

  • EDIT and upload OFFER Instructions to Buyers Agents on MLS - Documents - TransactionDesk. This needs to be custom to the house.

  • Seek approve from Sellers with MLS Profile sheet, ask for comments and corrections

  • Make a list of all rental homes in the neighborhood that were leased 9 -12 months ago. Advertise to that list by door knocking, door hangers, mail note with the MLS profile sheet.

  • Email flyers to the neighborhood SENT by Monday launch week. They will receive it by Saturday's Mail. Bulk Mailer, Create Door Hangers for Open House HOSTS, Printed FULL color prints (In office) 25 Each, Print Survey (5) and (10 Seller Disclosures).

  • Do a 2 MILE Radius search for all like properties that are active, active option, active contingent….., pending; and let the listing agents know that you have a listing and if they get any calls to show your house too for a bonus. Build a network. Add these emails, phone numbers to your EXCEL sheet to market the open house day. Send a bulk email to all the agents BBC the night or morning of the open house.

  • Build an Excel Sheet list of Realtors that LISTED & SOLD a home in the last 6 months within 5-mile radius . Find your TOP agents that move property and develop a relationship with them. Add these realtors, the TOP agents to your Friends on Facebook.

  • Pull an additional list, and contact the active listing and pending listing within a 3 mile radius and make it known that if these agents sell your listing they will get a bonus of $1,000 dollars. Send them the VIDEO and ask them to LIKE your FB Business page. Remember they are still receiving buyer calls from their signs. Leverage their listings to sell yours.

  • Send an email with VIDEO links to friends, family, and neighbors, database, CRM audience, open house attendee’s. Any day you is fine. Especially if you have an OPEN Event scheduled to. Announce it to your contacts. Show you are a full time agent because people are watching you on soce ones in Reverse Prospectinedia and will contact you someday.

  • Create a BLOG post that will give up our unique Brokerage Website LINK for the clients property. Example “https://www.citiesrealestate.com/blog/2010-flat-rock-road-azle-texas/ “

  • Add Tracking Sierra link from the BLOG page created - assign action plan. ***Always add photos to posts before Tracking LINK is added on social media sites.** If not, the link will show up with different pictures from the website.

  • Update LINKS with Sierra Tracking Page on social media posts before created.

  • Use Google Ads account to advertise listing BLOG/Video with web address and subdivision keywords in your target area. This is a good way to really stand out in your market and get a ton of VIEWS organically on google and paid.

  • Update all social media sites with BLOG links, and remove CitiesRealEstate.com home page link. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Business page.

  • Create a Youtube Short with video collected, add music, titles, and share with subscribers.

  • LINK: the #short video created to the BLOG created on the website.

  • ADD Single Property Sites to Sierra, complete the info requested to publish the page.

  • Google My Business Page posting with address dominate, and then info with photos. Use the Single Property site as a LINK or the BLOG post for google to follow.

  • Promote the address and share photos on, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Youtube Shorts; all social networks about the address you’re working on a listing. List the ADDRESS first in your post.

    “Example “NEW on Market! We’re looking for a buyer on “Address” #FortWorth #Subdivision #CitiesRealEstate Call Now (Facebook Tracking #) ! Saturday 1-2:30pm”

    *Example: Twitter. Add one photo with Sierra Website link to the video slideshow “We’re looking for a buyer on “Address” #FortWorth #Subdivision #CitiesRealEstate Add emojis where possible. “

    “Example: MORE INFO HERE: LINK to Sierra Tracking LINK ““Coming SOON, NEW on the Market! We're Looking for a buyer on “Address” #FortWorth #Subdivision Name #CitiesRealEstate.“

    “Call Now ###-###-#### Open House Times (Facebook Sierra Tracking #) Important More Info Here: LINK TO Sierra Site with correct lead funnel.”

  • {BOOST} Facebook $150 Dollars to the local zip code. Or 10 Dollars Daily until Active. Lead time should be 7-10 days min.

  • {RETARGET} Facebook $20 Daily All Sierra CRM database, Google Contacts, and Facebook audiences.

  • (EVENT) Create a Facebook Event and invite everyone in groups nearby the open house.

  • [SHARE} the Facebook ad post with 20-100 Friends/PastClients.

  • (Premiere Featured Property) By Wednesday of LAUNCH week youtube video and then post to facebook picture video ad manager. Make the address dominate in posts, followed by the subdivision and city. Include (YOUTUBE Tracking Link to description and or FB tracking link).

  • [GO ACTIVE MLS] WEDNESDAY 12pm High Noon. This is critical for the internet to update and publish the listing all over the web.

  • Check the Open House dates.

  • ShowingTime.com - Block Showings until Open House. Create RULE Blocks showings until open house. Add Seller Info and Data entry for updates and app requests. Make the last 4 cell phone digits the password for the seller(contact info is in Sierra CRM). List Thursday with a BLOCK until the open house Saturday at 1-2:30pm or 3:30-5pm. Create a RULE Block Thursday & Friday (ALL DAY). Create RULE Block half day Saturday until 1pm.

  • Once its ACTIVE use Reserve Prospecting in MLS as an additional step add them to your excel sheet of realtors. The Reserve Prospect is going to target the BUYERS agents plugging contacts into the gateway searches. Normally these leads are HOTTEST and TOP priority. They are within 90 days of a purchase. Contact them by phone and work your listings. Go visit them because their buyers agent and would love to earn a commission.

  • Print MLS Profile Sheet used as FLYERS & Info for Open House. “Customer Version” staple business card on sheet.

  • After ACTIVE - {Reverse Prospecting Realtors} build excel sheet to upload to google contacts and send email of listing to ALL agents with a search to customers. Add in the video.

  • Sierra CRM Reverse Prospecting email to all buyers that show up with searches.

  • Once going ACTIVE - Send Action Plan to all BUYER contacts. Sierra/Backend/CMS/Featured Listings Property to Sierra. Backend/Listing/Featured Properties use the MLS # to do this. This is important because it allows the house to show up in the featured section of the site on every page of the website.

  • Announcement to seller & crm database is ACTIVE - Manual email. EMAIL SELLER’S “Congrats, we are LIVE and looking for a buyer for you. Several buyers hopefully will bid your property up…send them the links through the sierra listing agents account to share on their social media sites. Connect Sellers in CMR for a 120 day drip campaign only if you follow this plan. An email should be sent after action is completed. FEEDback to clients of your effort is important. Take a listing to sell it not just to list it. Be better than the friend or part-time agent. Be a FULL TIME LISTING professional.A. Facebook Business Page - Photos, nB. Youtube Video #short, #long, #live video, C. Twitter D. Linkedin, E. Instagram links if applicable. F. Social Links. G. Blog Post Website Link - ask them to share.

    AGENT: Review & Prepare for Open House:

    Each Week after the launch week. Marketing Maintenance to stay top of mind and keep the listing fresh. At this point you need to review all your work, check the seller's motivation, and probably meet the seller for a market review. Don’t always have to ask for something. Just WORK and keep the seller updated. Go meet them. Do not call them for a price reduction.

    Remember EVERY property price can be influenced by its presentation, method of sale, marketing, and skill of the agent (seller).

    EACH WEEK once listed ACTIVE

    Change the MLS profile picture or the TOP 4 pictures. ROTATE them each week. This shows an update for the listing and buyers will review the listing again if it doesn’t look the same. Improve price by 10-100 bucks each Tuesday Arrange a 2nd OPEN HOUSE to meet the Neighbors, Brokers, and Buyers if there is a price correction. Post an article somewhere unique linking back to the BLOG site.

    Update BLOG Posts on Cities Real Estate. The IDX does this Change the MLS profile picture or the TOP 4 pictures. ROTATE the primary photo with a different angle

    Smile Download our plan HERE
    Smile Download our our Checklist by PDF HERE

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Pricing is always key to a successful launch in positioning your home to sell at Top Dollar.

Smile Download our plan HERE
Smile Download our our Checklist by PDF HERE

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