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What we love about real estate is that there is no recommended price for real estate "Your Home". It seems like today that most home sellers would rather take the easy way out, when selling a home with a plan is just as easy. With our processes, systems, checklist learned over the last 20 years; we know that we can influence a sales price by following a plan that triggers the emotional decisions that drive a buyer. Presentation matters; while logic, price, features will get them in the door.

Home Values Have Risen?

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Price is a key factor when marketing a property. If you price it to come down later, you will most likely cause yourself longer days listed, and drive the buyers to assume that there is something wrong with the house. Price your home right from the start, even a little below value and you will cause the opposite to happen. It's known in real estate you can not sell a home too cheap when the presentation is put in place properly you win every time. What we mean is that if the price is set where everyone knows it, feels it, they will always offer more, with better terms with their first offer always. It's a tough feeling when they know the house is right for multiple buyers and that there is a sense of losing the opportunity to get a fair deal.

Why Hire Cities Real Estate

Whether buying or selling a home, it is our goal to make this important event a positive and enjoyable experience. We are committed to providing you with personal attention accompanied by courtesy, respect and professionalism.

David Pannell's Team is a top producing real estate team in the Fort Worth Texas. We have served thousands of clients and we are a trusted partner to many local and nonprofit organizations. Our mission is to educate our clients in the home buying and selling process. We focus on detailed systems and aggressive negotiating strategies to get our clients the best results every time.

Thinking about buying a home? You have found the best search engine to do just that. In addition, our team will get you priority access to all the best deals the moment they come on the market…. and in this competitive market you have to have that sort of access to nail down a great deal! If you are looking to sell your home we specialize in getting our clients maximum exposure and top dollar every time.

Our aggressive marketing systems are proven and will net you more money vs your traditional real estate marketing plan. Congratulations on finding a top performing team in the area that is focused on your success! Happy home buying and selling! David Pannell's Team

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